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New branch for Middleton Cheney-based autism support group

Banbury Guardian 13th December 2017

New branch for Middleton Cheney-based autism support group. Martin and Adele Hambidge, founders of Parents Talking Asperger's Witney…

Banbury mum raises £1000 with mammoth walk for autism support ...

Banbury Guardian 14th September 2017

Together with two other parents from the group, Martin and Adele Hambidge, she hiked from London to Oxfordshire overnight in the Thames Path...

Parents from Witney walk 100km to help organisation that supports those with autism

Oxford Mail 19th September 2017

A MUM and dad from Witney walked a gruelling 100km along the River Thames to for a group which supports them in raising their autistic son…

Three cheers for school days

Oxfordshire Guardian 18th July 2017

The Rev Nathan Jarvis from St Bartholomew's in Yarnton and representatives of Banbury-based Parents Talking Asperger's shared the special ...

Autism group up for national award

Banbury Guardian 25th January 2017
A local autism support group run by volunteers is a finalist in the National Autistic Society’s Autism Professional Awards. Parents Talking Asperger’s, based in Middleton Cheney, is shortlisted in the Most Innovative Family Support category…

"Thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome last night; the boys had a fab time and can't wait to come again never seen them mix so well before with other people look forward to the next one." Amanda and Steve

“The value of the Parents Talking Asperger’s lies in the comfort it provides.  It’s very unusual for ‘Aspies’ to be able to enter a group setting and feel comfortable, yet this is what is happening in my family. The friendliness of the group is so precious, and I feel sure that should I get into any of the pickles that seem to inevitably follow my family around, I would have support in addressing them.” Liz

“The other value of the group is the information that it provides information on local services. How children have fared in various secondary schools is so useful for my nine year old son. This in itself may have prevented years of trauma.” Nick

“Since coming to PTA I feel I understand more about the condition through speaking with other parents. But most of all I no longer feel like I’m a ‘bad parent’, trying to cope alone.  Watching the children at play is wonderful as all the children are on the same wavelength; they can just be themselves without peers judging them or laughing at their funny little ways. Ryan lights up when he is at the fun evenings and is buzzing when we leave. It is so nice to see him really enjoy himself and to see the huge smiles on his face.” Nicky